Fuboos’ Woorlds Press Kit

Help your friends the Fuboos to solve the enigmas that will allow everyone to be together, but keep in mind:



Genre: puzzle

Language: a little bit of English but most of it are icons


  • Android

Released date: it is already released since January 13th 2021 🙂

Indie dev: Alejandro Vélez Sainz (a.k.a. NAS Games)

Music and sound effects: Taxtty

Website: www.nasgames.es

Social media:

  • Twitter @velezoso1

email: support@nasgames.es


Boost your logical, analytical and creative thinking with Fuboos’ Woorlds!

Land in the meteor world to learn how to play.

Advance in the forest world but watch out for fire and swirling water.

Reach a magical world with teleportation items and our cute stars and magician hats.

Advance until the Pinball world where the nice paddles of the old machines await you.

Fuboos’ Woorlds is a puzzle game in which each level consists of a new challenge. You must help the Fuboos to fulfill their mission, they need you on their adventure, or all or none are saved.

It is an easy game to learn, but difficult to master, simply sliding your finger will make the Fuboos obey without question, but keep in mind that you must help everyone to save themselves in the established number of movements, do not forget that they are a close-knit group they always go together, if one goes to a place, they all go there, their strength lies in the absolute companionship between the inhabitants of the worlds of Fuboos.

Features of Fuboos’ Woorlds:

  • Each level a new challenge.
  • The mechanics of the game change as you advance.
  • More than 100 puzzles that are easy and fun to play, but difficult to master.
  • Many characters will accompany you on your adventure.
  • Leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends and other players from around the world.
  • It is possible to play offline.


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