Minesweeper 3 in 1 Press Kit

Free the blank boxes in the shortest time while avoiding mines


Genre: puzzle

Language: English


  • Android

Released date: released since June 21st 2016

Indie dev: Alejandro Vélez Sainz (a.k.a. NAS Games)

Graphic Artist: Paco Aguero

Music and sound effects: Daniel Criado Actis-Dato

Website: www.nasgames.es

Social media:

  • Twitter @velezoso1

email: support@nasgames.es


Dare to play all three Minesweeper 3 in 1 boards!

• Boost your reasoning with the triangle board!
• Free the blank boxes of the hexagonal board in the shortest time possible!
• Play classic square board Minesweeper!

Minesweeper is, an only apparently, simple logic game, and one of Windows most popular! The aim of the game is to free the blank boxes while avoiding mines.The fastest you clean the board, the higher the score!

Features of Minesweeper 3 in 1:

• The classic Minesweeper but with three boards:
◦ Triangle
◦ Hexagon
◦ Square
• You can zoom in or out on the board
• Use a long-click to place flags
• Use a long click to free the boxes around a flag
• Use the flag or mine mode button to free boxes or place a flag on a specific tile
• Scroll on the screen to move around the board
• Leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends and other players around the world
• It is possible to play offline


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